Ground bed and rectifier installations / CP system replacement

Rectifying the situation. Petroleum pipelines typically use impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems to help mitigate corrosion activity. These systems are positioned along a pipeline at prominent locations to provide sufficient CP current to the pipeline. Anodes employed in the system’s overall design deplete naturally over time with use or can become damaged from the environment or some external force. When their effectiveness diminishes, these systems need to be replaced.

CPM accepted an assignment from a major petroleum-industry customer to determine where their ICCP systems had lost effectiveness. Review of available CP test data helped to pinpoint attention on specific areas along their pipeline. Subsequent site visits and field testing helped define cathodic protection needs for each location. Review of available soil survey and geological data enhanced our ground-bed designs and solidified equipment requirements for replacement CP systems.

Result: CPM installed new ground beds and rectifiers, energized these systems and performed necessary testing to bring them online. Fine tuning of output was performed to provide optimal cathodic protection to the pipeline while minimizing power utilization. Adjustments were made to comply with customer requirements and NACE International standards. Each unit was retrofitted with the customer’s remote monitoring units for continual monitoring of the units’ performance. Follow-up testing and some minor system adjustments were made to help establish and confirm the effectiveness of each new system.



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