CPM policies

Drug- and Alcohol-Free Work Environment

At CPM, on-the-job safety is one of our top priorities. To accomplish that, we have initiated and enforce a policy of zero tolerance for drug and/or alcohol use on the job. Prior to starting with us, all employees must pass a drug-and-alcohol screening – meeting either Department of Transportation (DOT) or non-DOT standards, as requested by an individual client.


In our 15 years of operation CPM has never had an OSHA-recordable incident. Our experience-modification rate (EMR) is .93, which is the best possible for a company of our size. CPM furnishes each employee with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for each task an employee has to complete. Proper equipment is only one part of an extensive safety program that includes:

  • Initial training of new employees, or existing employees assigned new tasks
  • Periodic safety training classes for all current employees
  • Safety literature distributed and discussed weekly
  • Tailgate, site-specific, safety meetings at the start of each work day to discuss issues unique to both the location and all tasks to be completed on that particular day


CPM is an equal-opportunity employer. Our busiest hiring season is early spring to prepare for survey work that primarily occurs during summer. We draw from any number of resources to fill our staffing needs, including employee referrals, unsolicited resumes, online advertisements, and college and university job-board postings. We offer seasonal employment as well as part-time and full-time positions. Each applicant must provide a resume, complete at least one interview and successfully pass a drug-and-alcohol screening as well as some very basic operator qualification (OQ) tests to be allowed on client properties. Please contact us if you are interested in learning about current open positions.