RFID tags installation

An energy-industry client had decided to install radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags at all their cathodic protection test locations (test stations, bond boxes, rectifiers, etc.) to better track when and where the readings (soil-to-structure potentials, bond currents, rectifier outputs) were being taken. Due to a recent change in job duties for several company personnel, they did not have the staff to install RFID tags and perform required annual surveys in the time period allowed.

CPM was able to provide a certified engineer and, using client-provided RFID tags and a reader, install the tags and link each one to its related test location page in a handheld data recorder while performing annual surveys on several hundred miles of pipelines across Kansas and northern Oklahoma.

Result: The client was able to meet internal and regulatory deadlines for the annual surveys, while allowing company personnel to perform other required duties.


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