Our values

The success of CPM reflects the values of our company.

First, and foremost, we want to be viewed by every client as trusted advisors. By doing that, we can build long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial and create value.

Several aspects of the way we conduct our business shape the trust we want to sustain on a daily basis:

  • Our focus on quality governs our approach to every assignment. Checking and double-checking our work -- and providing clients with proof the work is done right -- have enabled our ongoing growth. Simply said, quality work breeds client trust.
  • Our emphasis on continuing education makes a difference in providing the highest quality of work. We argue with the notion that there’s nothing new under the sun. We do our best to stay on top of, and incorporate, breakthroughs in technology and best practices.
  • Our dedication to safety applies to protecting the interests of our clients, our employees as they do their work, and the environment.
  • Our nimble approach to meeting client expectations makes us easy to work with; CPM has few layers, which enables speedy response, effective local support and quick decisions.
  • Our can-do attitude and innovative spirit translate into our ability to specialize in difficult challenges.

Check out how our values have influenced the work we do for clients.

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