External corrosion direct assessment (ECDA)

Doubling down on data. We have clients who are data-driven. And we have some who are data-obsessed.

For the latter group, we provide external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA) -- a structured process that improves safety by assessing and reducing the impact of external corrosion on pipeline integrity. One energy-industry client is required by regulations to conduct ECDA analysis using various approved tools in heavily populated locations. This client was required to complete, on average, this analysis on 14 miles of pipeline each year.

As a premium service, ECDA reflects a laborious process that requires a significant amount of analysis in a limited amount of time. CPM annually since 2009 has provided an experienced crew of certified engineers to complete the required analysis.

Result: Client has been able to meet all required regulatory pipeline integrity assessments within approved timeframes. In addition, CPM has completed and presented the data in a unique form that is easy for management to understand -- and acceptable to regulators.


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