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Convenience matters. When clients call, we always focus on ways that we can solve the full range of issues at hand.


    The right tests for the right results. You might be surprised to find that a couple of tiny holes in a coating could undermine a 200-mile-long structure. But we get called in to fix that stuff all the time. Learn more

  • Row clearing (vegetation / mechanical)

    We understand overgrowth. To help our clients, we consider our work similar to gardening -- but only if your garden extended for dozens of miles. CPM helps natural gas and petroleum industry clients to clear away plant life on regulated pipelines. Learn more

  • New CP systems

    Planning to do it right the first time. The most economical time to design, furnish and install a corrosion-control program starts at the design phase of any project. Learn more

  • Remote Monitoring

    You cannot be everywhere, but your technology solutions can. Collecting accurate and timely corrosion control data is required by regulations -- and a great way to save on costs. Learn more

  • Linear anode installation

    Aligned with linear. Providing adequate cathodic-protection current to submerged metallic structures requires experience and vision. Learn more

  • Casino Boat Survey

    Keep the boat afloat. An entertainment-industry client needed trained personnel to perform an annual survey on the cathodic protection systems installed on the submerged portions of barges supporting a floating casino. Learn more


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